Delivering customer solutions. Gopaul and Company provides quality, freshness and value to
distributors, retailers and other industries throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

With our state-of-the-art facilities we strive to ensure our goods are kept in the best
environment possible. We have Cold storages warehouses for our Meats and other frozen items while we also have chill warehouses for our goods that require a temperature higher than room temperature while all of our other goods are stored within our warehouses on racks to ensure that products away from any elements that can contaminate or damage.

With a Motto of : “Delivery always on time every time” we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with our superior delivery methods throughout Trinidad and Tobago. With over 10 Delivery Trucks we at Gopaul and Co. Ltd take pride to know that our customers are receiving their orders on time no matter their location


At Gopaul and Company Limited (GCL), a specific branch had been established exclusively to manage the sales and distribution of brown sugar. This division has grown to now control a major part of the market in Trinidad and Tobago and distributes other exceptional brands like Demerara Gold and Brown Sugars. With significant presence in the market, the Sweet Cane and Chef Mate brands of refined white sugar are widely used by consumers, professional bakers, restaurants as well as food and drinks manufacturers across the region


Since 1984, Gopaul and Company Limited (GCL) has operated throughout Trinidad and Tobago and has earned the reputation as a leading distributor of basic food items. Today, the company distributes a variety of commodities both locally and regionally, including:

• Eastern Brand Pure Coconut Oil
• Eastern Brand Cooking Oil
• Lite Coconut Oil
• Royal Soyabean Oil
• Primor Soyabean Oil
• Chefmate Soyabean Oil
• Flavoured Mustard Oil
• Pure Mustard Oil

• Chefmate Vanilla Essence
• Chefmate Almond Essence
• Chefmate Aniseed Essence
• Chefmate Mixed Essence
• Chefmate Parboiled Rice
• Black Disinfectant
• Sarona Bayrum
• Fresh N’ Clean Powdered Laundry Detergent
• Demerara Gold Brown Sugar
• Demerara Brown Brown Sugar

• Sweet Cane Granulated Sugar
• Chefmate Granulated Sugar
• Chefmate Brown Sugar
• Berrak pasta
• Chicken of the Sea
• CrispO’s
• Chef Mate All Purpose Flour
• Chef Mate Bakers Flour
• Royal All Purpose Flour

Our Brands