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Meats (Bulk & Cuts)

Gopaul & Co. Ltd has been in the meat (Bulk and Cut) business for over seven (7) years.

We source high quality meat from all over the world ensuring only the highest quality is imported. With three (3) large frozen warehouses we ensure that all meats are separated to ensure no contamination occurs  while our Poultry, Fish, Lamb and Goat are stored in our largest warehouse our Pork and Beef are stored in separately due to a number of reasons one mainly due to religious beliefs as such we strive to ensure that none of these items are stored, transported or cut in the same area. Additionally most of our products are imported halal and is also halal by our local Muslim community Darul Uloom. All cold item are transported via cold trucks to ensure quality of the meat is never compromised as such we take pride in telling all our customers that our quality and service when it comes to meats is second to none.


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